February 28, 2009

West Indies Forests Need Rain

Rain Clouds

Joe reports that the West Indies' forests are sorely in need of rain. See rain clouds coming to relieve this earth pressure.

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December 19, 2008

Christmas Message from Joe Costa and Jesus

Sheperds in field looking at star.

I received a message today that I feel is important to share with all of you. I only ask for you to read it, breathe and be "One"


Message from Jesus

My star is within you Joseph. Use the "Morning Star" and place it in your heart chakra. It will shine bright like a beacon for all the women to see. Ask them to send their kundalini energy and yin life force. Have them ring a bell that creates a long, low, hum. This sound will bring the energy forth to you. I see you standing in your Alaskan pyramid, shining brightly for all to see.

The women's energy will aid the healing work needed in the Ukraine and west coast of South America.

Smile just as brightly as my star Joseph and thank them all for being in "Oneness" at this crucial time.

Be the Sun shining Joseph and tell the women of their Battery, and how the energies of Joy and Christmas will shine from it. Have them light candles so their brightness shows the Way.



Jesus also asked me to tell all how much good their Kundalini has done: that reminded me of water we are siphoning into and under Africa to bring fresh water to the surface - How we used Kundalini from all when I took Christine into the Giza pyramid to calibrate and recharge its process of Earth-balancing energies.

The tsunami in Malaysia that was dissipated - the rising of Old Atlantis under the Atlantic relieved of pressure - the siphoning of lava away from England and wasted under the southern part of Greenland - the splitting off of the ridge on the west coast of Argentina - the quieting of tornadoes in the middle of the USA - and many lesser Earth disturbances in several countries diminished by joint action with UFO's of other worlds.

Yes, these are accomplishments of our World Healer women through their devotion and giving of Kundalini energies.

You all are to be honored for sharing your powers for the Earth - Mother Earth and her people.

I think of each of us and admire the taking on of responsibility to change Earth collective consciousness deliberately by each of you studying, learning and mindfully spreading right thought where it was and is needed.

My Love to Each and All


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December 17, 2008

Earth Tremors in Kiev and Ukraine

I am asking the people of the World to send lightness of the heart to the people of Russia's Kiev and Ukraine areas who will now experience Earth tremors and fear as the planet adjusts to 4th dimensional vibrations.


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November 13, 2008

EARTH CONDITIONS - An Update from Joe Costa

Reference the last report on this blog dated 10/23/2008.

Please take note of info given about Earth conditions in mid-October, 2008; i.e., Earth's electro/magnetism and a threat to the British Isles–information from space ship over mid-USA.

Know that the Earth adjustments have been completed under the Atlantic Ocean (Old Atlantis) between the British Isles and the southern tip of Greenland, stabilizing Earth under and around the British Isles and the Northwestern European continent.  England is now free of probable Earth catastrophes until 2012 - 2014 (except for a few rattles which are due now.)

Info from those space people who aid Earth's balancing act in the Universe tell us from the perspective of balance and stabilization, the Giza pyramid needs a sister pyramid to synchronize with the Giza.  The reason is that the new Four Dimensional energies in play reflect that the point for Earth balancing on the Earth's surface is now in the west, and they recommended southern California coordinates to me for a new pyramid.


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October 23, 2008

EARTH CHANGES - New Information from Joe Costa

Written October 20, 2008.

I welcome all and myself back to the "Ask Joe Costa" Pow Wow where I share my thoughts and messages of the Eagles of Consciousness.

Nearly two months have passed by and I see some of what I told you about in the past is happening in the World, has come about.

I forewarned about the coming economics stuff and there is more to share on that –

But!! Right now I want to talk about that 2,000 mile long UFO that's been hanging around the middle of North America the last few days.

I talked to the Captain of that ship and was told by him that the ship is there to aid Earth to balance its electro/magnetic fields as they were not functioning properly.

I asked him for specifics and he told me the Earth's human consciousness was strongly engaged in too much mental thinking that was preventing human energies grounding into the Earth. This is compounded by more worry about money also preventing normal grounding of the human body to the Earth.

Presently there is not enough electricity from the human body mixing with the magnetism and the result is displacement of balance of the Earth. The danger now is there could be a shift of the axis of Earth setting off a disastrous chain of earth movement and chaos as a result of electro/magnetic failures.

The ship's captain advised that several ships are around Earth simultaneously feeding Earth, balancing electro/magnetic fields of energy and as soon as that balance was maintained they would leave for their 12th dimensional births.

He also advised me that they expected to leave Earth in three or four days. In addition, he said they have no need or desire to stay as they needed nothing from Earth except the balancing given it. He mentioned that if Earth lost its electro/magnetic balance, other planets and dimensions would suffer consequences.

I asked him if there was a part of Earth more in danger than others. He said, "yes" that the British Isles were in the greatest danger and "you know that". He was referring to late March 2008 when I was in India and had worked with him and others of space, repairing the North Atlantic fissures and we had been forced to cease work for lack of human kundalini resources. I assured the Captain we would continue that work on the fissures as soon as possible in the near future.

In April while flying back to America from India and looking out at the British Isles and Greenland, I had observed the Earth under the Atlantic Ocean showing active cracks. Those cracks are at the north tip of what had been the Atlantis continent at one time. I particularly noticed fissures underwater boiling the waters northwest of the British Isles.

I discussed with Jesus at that time what seemed like a probable Earth crust failing and he assured me that the threat of eruption was being watched over by the Eagles of Consciousness. A month later I psychically examined the cracks and recommended a fissure be created at the south tip of Greenland to reduce the pressures under seas near England.

When I advise my friends of these ships and of UFO's and their efforts, they ask why the people on Earth could not see the ships. Only a few people could actually see them. The answer is simple. Earth, itself, has moved into the fourth dimension and the ships - UFOs - were stabilizing in fourth dimensional energies.

Third dimensional viewing does not work on other dimensions. Slowly now in the near future, more people will adjust to our being in the fourth dimension and see what is in the 4-D World. By 2014, all will see fourth dimensionally.


There is a grid that lies over the Earth that is like a mask. This grid has to do with essences of energy and sound. The UFO Captain suggests that the grid color be changed to a smooth silver that effects blue steel essence. This would facilitate a cooler essence in the sky and help more people to ground energies to Earth.

The Captain recommends that humans should ground their bodies by mentally bringing energy down through the head, through the body and legs to the feet. This would reflect a coolness under the feet and the electricity would naturally mix with Earth. This exercise would help to balance the electro/magnetic energy feedings into Earth creating more harmony for the planet. This results in more grounding for the person and stabilizing of the electro/magnetic fields and flows into and through the Earth surface.

Each person should have an essence of feeling in their heart for and to the planet when grounding This results in the heart of the planet responding in kind. A healthy body feeds energy into the Earth and the Earth reciprocates from its natural sources. In the matter of grounding using energy from the head to the feet in males and females and their difference in energy, for most females it is easier to ground head first and for most males feet first.

This depends on the types of male and type of female. As to what discerns the types, it is in the density of the individual. For example, a female who looks psychic, more in the mind, the energy would go from the head down. In the more Amazon type woman, the energy would go from the feet to the head. It all depends on the density of the individual.

All this of course brings up today's Earth confusion and disruptions in consciousness of the human race - like Wall Street economics and other failures and confusions. Earth is the energies belt of the Universal Fourth Dimension. Earth moved into the fourth dimension in the year 2000 and is rapidly assimilating fourth dimension dynamics. It is presently written in what I labeled, "The Time of Change Sense" (see Primal Legacy, Thinking for the 21st Century).

The "Change Sense" is now forcing the Collective Consciousness to "waste out" karmic energies from the human consciousness. The Earth as a living creature is "wasting" out of its environment thoughts of humans that violated the natural laws of Earth matter. Such thoughts are those of humans who are subject to karmic cleansing and who violated law principles (laws of equity) which formulate natural emissions, happenings and cleansing of all matter.

Thoughts of human kind whose intent was to foul the natural existence of all things natural are being cleansed as Earth moves into the stasis of full fourth dimension existence. For a time (months), the "Change Sense" will in effect set-up Earthly circumstances in all phases of human existence and behavior. That will push and make living for humans incompatible and fearful to some degree - the gasoline confusion and the money lending as example.

Depending on levels of adjustment made during the "Change Sense", if the karmic order of the Collective Consciousness is not put in order, the Earth then will force a "Fear Sense" stage on the Earth. This will reflect as major pressures on material and human conditions and if not moderated by urgently contrived efforts to change conditions to a more balanced order, could cause the "Fear Sense" to act out materially. Perhaps to the extent that nature will move forces that diminish or destroy what fails to moderate and balance. The "Change Sense" and "Fear Sense" energies of the Collective Consciousness will act out directly both psychically and physically to balance all actions in the planet to a harmonious natural harmony.

These actions will phase out through 2008-2009 and 2010. All aspects of the planet, all levels of living, all material and psychic essences, vibrations, forms, etc., will be forced to exorcise any and all excessive karma on Earth. The peak of all upheaval will come during 2012 to 2014.

"Ask Joe Costa" will endeavor to keep all alerted to pending conditions to its best ability.


Presently the human body is evolving and changing in keeping with the higher vibrations of 4-D living physically. Breathing and breath is on the forefront of change. The body is slowly changing to make it possible to breath through the epidermis. One can assist the body to change accordingly by "thinking" breathing through the nostrils and the hands and fingers. Practice this!


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July 23, 2008

Major Changes Are Coming - A New Message From Joe Costa

There are major changes coming on the world that we are aware of, and we're adjusting our information accordingly. In the next 2-3 months we will be putting out specific information on the new ways of the world. Readers are encouraged to go to "Primal Legacy: Thinking for the 21st Century", by Dr. Joseph Costa, and read the chapters on Change Sense and Fear Sense. Those chapters explain principles that are working on the planet, economically and otherwise.

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